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Our mission is to make the labour market diverse, equitable and inclusive

CorTexter is a technology company that uses data and technology to assist people in doing their jobs. Efficiency is important to us, but improvement is just as important. We believe that the power of people and the power of technology each come into their own when combined. And we provide the technology for you, the people.
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We make recruitment and HR
fair, transparent and bias-free

First impression, gut feeling, experience, persuasiveness ... These are elements from the daily recruitment practice. The beauty of it is that it makes recruitment so human, but the downside is that it is quite impossible to understand how advice, selections and decisions are made. We ensure that arbitrariness and prejudice are effectively reduced.

We make recruitment and HR
data driven

The key to honest recruitment is data. Data never tells the whole story and that's why this is only part of the puzzle. We don't think that's going to change in the coming decades. But data is an essential part of the puzzle. We ensure that data, data analysis and artificial intelligence support the recruiter in making better decisions.

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We make recruitment and HR
diverse, equitable and inclusive

From a moral standpoint, inclusivity is a no-brainer: Everyone is of value and deserves a fair chance at a job. From a business perspective too: increased innovation, more turnover and better quality decision making. However, we see many social barriers to achieving this ideal. With our software solutions we make sure that doing the right thing does not mean that you have to do completely different things. Let our technology assist you.

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