Our software writes your job postings. And through our optimization tips, you'll get more and more diverse candidates.

Our software for ATSs, agencies and employers
helps write jobs efficiently that are also more effective and honest. After (re)writing your job posting by our software, you receive analyses and concrete suggestions for improvements. Whatever we do, you remain in control. This is how you bring in that scarce candidate and help build a more inclusive job market.

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Data proves:
Better written vacancies attract more candidates from more diverse backgrounds

Creative writing is important for distinctive and attractive texts. It is also very important to write technically well. And our software helps you with that. You can also let us (re)write the text completely.
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Clear language

Avoid jargon and vague language. If candidates do not understand what is meant in a job posting, it is not surprising that they do not feel a connection with the position or the company.

Our software points out which words (including jargon) candidates find vague and which clear words they prefer.

Inclusive language

Avoid creating a sense of discomfort among candidates by replacing words that implicitly and explicitly exclude certain groups of people. Write appealingly for all candidates.

We show you the words that matter and offer you improvement options. In this way, you appeal to all target groups and exclude no one.

Three people with thumbs up; black woman with afro hairdo, white male with beard and while woman with glasses. Picture is next to text about inclusive language in vacancies.
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Ideal vacancy texts exist

A job ad can be too long, too short or too confusing (and more). Based on research with many vacancies that achieved good recruitment results, we have discovered a number of characteristics that candidates like about a vacancy.

We measure your vacancy text on these characteristics and give you specific instructions. This also helps to improve your search engine results (SEO).

Comply with new laws and regulations

Various arguments can come into play when using software to help write good job advertisements: Want to recruit more candidates; welcome all target groups regardless of background; comply with anti-discrimination laws and regulations.

Our software is an anti-discrimination measure that responds to legislation currently under review by the European Parliament as well as various national governments and states.

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Ready to get started?

We would like to show you how we can concretely support you in finding more candidates and building teams that are diverse and inclusive.

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