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Write your diverse and inclusive job postings in plain language
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Comply with anti-discrimination laws and regulations
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Offer equal opportunities to all candidates regardless of gender, religion, age or cultural background
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Get 30% more applications

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How does CorTexter work?

Your texts understandable and inclusive with our 'bias detector' software

Step 1: Write your vacancy text

You write your text as clearly and conveniently as possible with your target group in mind. You offer sufficient information in a concise manner

Step 2: Analyse word use

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With the help of our analysis you remove any blockages that readers may experience, such as unclear language and unconscious biases

Step 3: Optimise text characteristics

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Our advice includes the right length and complexity of your text. For better findability, we provide concrete SEO suggestions

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Read more about writing great jobs
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Increase the findability of your vacancies
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Increase the attractiveness of your vacancies
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Improve the response of your vacancies

Your advantage as a recruiter

More easily found vacancies

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Your vacancies are better found through SEO

More candidates

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Barrier-free recruitment gets you more candidates

More diverse candidates

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More diverse teams score better. That starts with more diverse candidates for your vacancy

Simple solution

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No explanations are required to work with our software

Diverse and inclusive

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Write diverse and inclusive in clear language for all


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Be prepared for stricter anti-discrimination regulations

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