Why we started a podcast

Why we started a podcast

April 15, 2022

We want to live together more without excluding people. From this point of view, I focus on labour participation and, in particular, on employment services. But how did I, with a team of talented experts, get the wisdom to develop a solution? We don't really have that wisdom. We borrowed it from countless scientists, policymakers, researchers, entrepreneurs and experts by experience, then weighed and combined it until a solution emerged.

Who are these people?

Because we ask many difficult questions to find out how we can best help Diversity & Inclusion in employment to emerge, we often do not have answers ourselves and have to look for people who do. In this way, we come into contact with many interesting people who, in addition to an answer, often have a broader story that is interesting. Even so interesting that we like to share it. This is how we came to record podcasts: Conversations that deal with the intersection of Diversity & Inclusion and Tech in the context of the labour market. The first season has just started and has a series of 10 episodes that will be published monthly. Guests come from science, consultancy, central government, technology and business.

Podcast topics: from problem via ethics to technology

We have selected a number of topics that are sufficiently different from each other to provide different insights each time. Below are the titles of the episodes:

  1. What value does a more diverse workforce bring to your organisation? The business case of a moral imperative
  2. Policy makers in The Hague bite the bullet. How discrimination in the labour market should be dealt a fatal blow
  3. Europe's universal values in practice. How grants effectively promote inclusion
  4. Modern feminists at war against gender inequality in the labour market. Where are the male fighters?
  5. Artificial intelligence is the greatest asset against discrimination
  6. The corporate defence system says NO to change (or: how to start contributing to a more inclusive organisation)
  7. Some of the tools to promote diversity and inclusion have not been proven effective. What does work?
  8. Technology is the answer! How academics guard the ethical application of technology
  9. The influence of culture and language on inclusion (or: how you too have and display unconscious bias)
  10. Language experience at close quarters: the LGBTQI+ community and the open wound of continued marginalisation

The first few podcasts have already been recorded, so I can say with certainty that many practical solutions will be offered. But those solutions come with the necessary warnings and admonitions that I summarise as follows: Don't go lightly, because Diversity & Inclusion takes years of time, focus and determination.

Listen here: www.cortexter.com/podcast

Enjoy listening! Comments are more than welcome; feel free to leave them in your favourite podcast app or via hello(@)cortexter.com.