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19 November 2021

Every Friday, it is time for young businesses to put themselves on the map. They do so by making a pitch and answering questions. Today, it's Miguel van Bodegom's turn to present CorTexter. The company makes software that cleans up your job vacancy text from unconscious biases, so you can hire more diverse people.

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Recruitment Tech

7 October
Recruitment Tech Monthly October: Investment in CorTexter & Equalture most inclusive
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Investors on board with inclusive HR startup CorTexter
Rotterdam, 22 September 2021
Vacancies abound, but candidates stay away. According to Miguel van Bodegom, CEO of CorTexter, a diverse and inclusive recruitment policy is the way to fill vacancies and counteract unconscious bias and barriers. CorTexter completed a successful funding round of €420,000 in September. In this round an investor from the Investormatch network participates, as well as investment fund TechFund One, part of De Breed & Partners.

Bias detector
According to Miguel, the key to finding candidates is data-driven, honest recruitment: "CorTexter makes recruitment data-driven by looking for the cooperation between humans and technology. The recruiter is supported in making better decisions using data, data analysis and AI. "Our software acts as a digital recruitment assistant for recruiters and hiring managers," he explains. "Cortexter realises an inclusive recruitment policy with the bias detector. This software detects bias in vacancy texts and offers suggestions for removing it. Thus, a line is literally drawn through prejudice in job ads. So every candidate can feel welcome.

Barrier-free job ads
"Recruiters are very knowledgeable, but like everyone else they have a blind spot," says Miguel. "It's almost impossible to write barrier-free job adverts without help; almost every text contains bias and unclear language." Miguel is referring to the many different types of bias that can be a barrier to applying, such as gender bias, cultural bias and age bias.
"Bias in job adverts is a deterrent and closes the door on applicants from different backgrounds. Moreover, diversity in personnel leads to 86% better decisions and 9% more turnover. So paying attention to diversity in recruitment is of strategic importance."

Follow-up round
The growth capital is a follow-up to a funding round held a year earlier. To enable further development, optimisation of sales processes and roll-out to new markets, it was time for a follow-up round. Miguel came into contact with Peter van Meersbergen, investment manager at investment fund TechFund One and finance consultant at Investormatch, through InvestorReady. Peter introduced CorTexter to the network of informal investors of Investormatch. Miguel: "The new investors of CorTexter understand the world of recruitment technology and have an overall view. This is valuable for the growth plans of CorTexter."

Success formula
The scalable business model of CorTexter offers many growth opportunities. Miguel explains the growth plans of CorTexter: "At this moment we serve one market, namely the Netherlands. In five years we want to be a global player with regional sales offices in the Benelux, United States and Germany. In the coming period, we will fully focus on sales and scaling up. Our formula for success lies in the fact that our technology assists people, without changing anything on the work floor. Our software is embedded in recruitment systems and connects to existing processes. We work hard every day to set up a Recruitment Tech ecosystem that will really make a difference."
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